& Capital Markets

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Market intelligence, sales comps, lease comps, deal tracking, market trends and robust data driven presentations to clients.

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Expert Advice and Advocacy

Lead with speed and accuracy. Deliver powerful recommendations and quickly answer questions that inspire confidence, deepen client relationships, and win more deals. The days of manual reporting and switching from program to program are over; integrate your CRM, MLS, Reporting and Marketing/Sales tools to access your data from a single source of truth

  • Active Buyer Profiles

  • Available Properties for Sale

  • Lease Comps

  • Market, Net Absorption & Vacancy

  • Comparable Sales

  • Cap Rates, IRRs & Historical Compression

  • Competitive Assets & Developments

  • Economic Growth Statistics

  • Demographics, Area Amenities & Infrastructure

  • Market Rent Growth

  • Current Debt Markets

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Presentations Redefined

Engage buyers and sellers with interactive, live-data presentations anytime, anywhere on any device. Conduct property tours anywhere with street level, birds eye and interior views including 3-D plans and layout options directly from your Navigator instance. Enhance driving tours with a tablet and empower the client to explore relevant information as the tour unfolds.

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Maximize Deal Flow

Configure teams to include all stakeholders and producers to provide visibility and align initiatives on a single operating system - a distinct advantage over customary methods of reporting, especially when managing multiple projects, in multiple markets.


Gone are the days of searching for historical documentation or scrambling for pivotal dates.  Manage transactions from pipeline to closing by integrating your company’s document storage system and CRM to increase business volume and deepen client relationships