ChurnZero is Here!

May 2021 - NavigatorCRE released its newest user and company analytics implamentation enabling deep understanding of the customer/user experience and flows of users through the platform. Best thing is that we enable this data inside our engine for our client management teams to better understand users, adoption & scaling initiatives.

Looking forward to your feedback and input on future releases of the NavigatorCRE Platform!

What has changed?

We progressed from typical use logs which only really cover logins and access, to a full suite of user analytics to better understand how the NavigatorCRE platform is being used and adopted.


With Auth0 you can utilize your organizations own SSO and Active Directory to manage your user's access to NavigatorCRE Platform.

What Else?:

  1. Use Logs

  2. Actions and Events

  3. Timelines of Use

  4. KPIS on main uses of the Platform