Asset Managers

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Total oversight of your global portfolio, property specs, acquisitions, dispositions, and state-of-the-art rent roll analysis.

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Identify and Capitalize on Opportunities

Our patented CREIQ(TM) Data visualization engine unlocks portfolio insights in seconds and helps you make decisions with speed and accuracy. Establish strategic plans that can be executed in the context of real-time benchmarks:

  • Aged Receivables

  • Lease Expiration

  • Cash flow

  • Rent Roll

  • Lease & Sales Comps

  • Expenses

  • StakPlan

  • Valuation Analytics

  • Debt/Equity Analytics

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Achieve Target Objectives

Gain instant insights into any vertical market segment to identify market trends, dislocations, anomalies, and relevant comparisons to optimize portfolio mix and maximize profitability. Access hyper-local risk profiles related to employees and property portfolios to strategize return to economic stability. Establish a context for valuations, reporting and planning that is substantiated by data at the most granular level possible.

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Maximize Deal Flow

Integrate core programs and align activity on a single platform to efficiently execute acquisition, management, and disposition strategies. Instantly view project status, price, valuation, due diligence, document & transaction management, and contract execution.

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Inspire Investor Confidence

Demonstrate historical success and a clear plan to achieve portfolio growth, market share and financial performance. Provide partners with real-time visibility of project status, financial performance and documentation related to their investments.