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The NavigatorCRE Platform collapses all of the technical & operational needs of all CRE operations into a single engine that offers you complete control of your data in the cloud to connect & drive insights.

A malleable, white-labeled platform that conforms to YOUR business objectives & operational goals to accelerate decision-making by simplifying the connections with your CRE data sources & offering deep insights & knowledge using your data.

Save millions in dev costs & start using your data now.

NavigatorCRE is the answer to the build vs buy.


Cloud Based Data Analytics Platform


Enterprise Grade SOC2 Security & Encryption


Evergreen Platform Innovation & Deployment


3 Tiered Architecture
UI, App, Data

Platform User Features




Your entire real estate portfolio mapped

NaviMap combines the power of Google Maps, BI Analytics, points of interest, geographic context & your data into one seamless experience. No longer do you have to manage your property mapping, data & analytics in 3 separate tools.

NaviMap Features:

  • Fully Integrated Google Maps API with POIs, StreetView, Aerials, Traffic, Rail & more.

  • Property Snapshots on every Pin with attributes & photos.

  • Map Filtering, Shape Filtering, Measurements, Quicklinks.

  • MapBI with integrated BI Layers for geographic analytics.

  • KML Layering for Siteplans, Submarkets & Shape Files.

  • Clustering, Custom Markers, Geolocation, Drop Pins.



Screenshot 2023-01-02 095957.png

Manage data, audit & interact data in the cloud

NaviGrid provides you with a easy way to view, manage & interact with your data across your organization. Elevate your team out of excel and disparate cloud spreadsheets to a fully cloud based & stable experience. Also view core data from your ERPs, Data Warehouse & other applications in read only mode to review, audit, or extract for your business needs.

NaviGrid Features:

  • Fully interactive smartgrid with the ability to filter, sort, edit (where authorized), report, export and organize.

  • Data Auditing feature which enables ad-hoc reports on data cleanliness, errors, warnings, missing values & outliers.

  • Create standard & custom reports & export to excel, workbooks, or raw.

  • Data governance tools to track user edits, changes & datasets refreshes.



View your property, lease data organized


NaviSnap provides an easy to digest snapshot card of your property, lease or asset data that is drag & drop customizable. View property details down to financials or view Leases in an abstract style view for easy data consumption & readability.

NaviSnap Features:

  • Customizable with drag & drop UI, choose any data point from your data table to show. Editable in snap view.

  • Add property aerials, or upload your own property photos.

  • Integrated with Quicklicks for 1-click away to Lease, Property documents via Box, Dropbox, Sharepoint or storage of your choosing.

  • Quicklinks to other tools and partners like Dealpath, Dottid, Box, Enertiv, Yardi, MRI, VTS, DataUSA enabling quick access to other tools contextually.



Screenshot 2023-01-02 102829.png

Integrated state of the art business intelligence

NaviBi provides a best in class data analytics experience via our full integration of PowerBI Pro into the platform. Our BI team deploys our ONEVIEW + Cornerstone dashboarding suite out of the box for our customers in an industry leading deployment process. Then, you can add more data & request customizations to your experience.

NaviBI Features:

  • ONEVIEW experience provides an elegant user experience that focuses the KPIs at a high level & allows for easy navigation to various dashboard views.

  • Limit need for in-house BI developers or data teams, lowering operations costs & getting you to production fast.

  • Tailored & curated to your asset class, business operations, datasets & user persona via our industry leading standards for business intelligence analytics & dashboarding.




Advanced reporting features for PDFs

NaviReports provides you with a full stack .NET reporting service to enabling the export of comprehensive multi-page reporting packages to PDF, Excel, PowerPoint eliminating the need for external reporting services or ad-hoc report creation in graphic design suites or by marketing teams.

NaviReports Features:

  • Customizable reports that can replace the need for ad-hoc reporting or time consuming report creation.

  • Branded to your company and its design standards.

  • Data from multiple tables can be combined & organized into a turn key reporting package.





Leverage ML and AI to engage your data

NaviGPT integrates the power of the OpenAI and GPT toolkits into your Navi experience giving you unprecedented access to interact with your data, ask questions, get answers and utilize the incredible power of AI.

NaviGPT Features:

  • Your data is connected (encrypted) to the PortfolioAI engine enabling you to ask questions and analysis about your portfolio.

  • Machine Learning inputs for CRE have ben supplied to the engine to understand CRE and your dataset to provide better answers and feedback

  • Every user can leverage the suite and interact.



Screenshot 2023-01-02 103327.png

Control center for all data, users & features

NaviControl is a comprehensive admin control center enabling administrators to fully manage teams, users, tables, reporting & branding of the NavigatorCRE Platform.

NaviControl Features:

  • Create, Manage and Edit teams, users, tables and platform access for your organization.

  • SSO via Auth0/OKTA allows for enterprise grade user management, as well as role based security features.

  • Customize the UI to fit your brand and likeness to make NavigatorCRE look & feel like in-house platform.

  • Easy to use editing & drag & drop style management.

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