The NavigatorCRE Platform collapses all of the technical and operational needs of all CRE operations into a single engine that offers you complete control of your data in the cloud to connect and drive insights.

A malleable, white-labeled platform that conforms to YOUR business objectives and operational goals to accelerate decision-making by simplifying the connections with your CRE data sources and offering deep insights and knowledge using your data.

Turn a weeklong workflow into daily insights



Cloud Based Data Analytics Platform

100% cloud base platform with ability to access your data, insights and reporting from anywhere on any device. Low IT lift with a dedicated deployment team gets you to the cloud fast.


Commercial Real Estate Data Experts

Our team is assembled from the industry with subject matter experts spanning all asset classes and operations. No other platform has the level of use cases, user stories or operational experience in CRE.


Enterprise Grade Security & Encryption

Enterprise grade company and data security utilizing Auth0 + SSO + AD, Azure hosted data encrypted in motion & at rest in SOC 2 certified 3 tier layered platform.



Industry Leading

The platform is vision to behold, with industry leading insights, state of the art BI, mapping and reporting and a user experience that is adopted quickly across your company.

Canary Wharf London

The Leading Industry Platform for Data Analytics and Insights

NavigatorCRE represents the gold standard in data analytics, data management, data security and UI/UX for commercial real estate. An evergreen platform that continues to evolve and innovate on the leading edge.