Construction &



Consolidate your project status, costs, budgets, forecasting, return on cost and market conditions.

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Demonstrate Your Ability to Execute

and Achieve Strong ROC

Demonstrate a track record of successful spec builds and/or build-to-suits in interactive digital presentations using NavigatorCRE. Sort and filter to a list of completed developments that align with investor goals, in addition to showcasing metrics such as:

  • Average Cost of Sale

  • Average Cost of Materials

  • Return on Cost

  • Current Amount of Average Debt

  • Cost to Build Assets vs Expected Exit Price

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Advanced Market Expertise

Integrate and align all your data sources to quickly identify, analyze, and validate important data related to acquisitions, underwriting, capital formation, lease up and disposition:

  • Land Comps

  • Sale Comps

  • Current Debt Market Yields

  • Construction Debt Capital

  • Active Tenants in the Market

  • Active Buyers in the Market

  • Active Lease Comps

  • Debt & Equity Terms & Conditions

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Maximize Deal Flow

Connect all of your data related to new deals, land acquisition, pipeline process, and budget vs actual tracking so you know deliveries and shortfalls in real-time across your Commercial Real Estate portfolio.